Sleeve Full of Hearts

Because the world could always use more romantics, right?

This post goes out to all the heart on the sleeve peeps. 
The risky texters.
The love letter writers.
The hopeless romantics.
Your time shall come. 

At least I hope so. 

I was catching up with a friend about life yesterday and we got on the topic of expecting too much out of love and life and all other things under the moon, it left me wanting to literally write a novel. But I suppose putting your feelings on the internet via blog and then receiving a “How’s life?” text from your mom right after she reads it is the equivalent.
I think I was born a hopeless romantic. Maybe it’s because I watched Titanic at too young of an age or maybe it’s because I spent too long looking at quotes on Pinterest as a middle schooler, but I was destined to end up this way. Damn you, Leonardo DiCaprio.
For some reason I feel like a lot of us are stuck between two types of loves/lusts nowadays. I’ve experienced the ‘Breakfast and dancing around the kitchen in the morning’ kind of love and I’ve experienced the ‘3am kiss goodnight and a text message a week later’ kind of lust. Surprisingly, I prefer the option with bacon. 
I’ve been pretty screwed over. I’ve also really screwed over people as well, it’s kind of a back and forth routine for me I suppose. Feelings are messy and expectations never seem to really fully align for me. A lot of people I’ve talked about these issues with have had the mindset of “those people suck,” but I think I also suck too? 
Here’s what I have to say about that. 
I like to run a lot, both mentally away from things and also just physically running lol. We all need a good run here and there. 
I drunk text the shit out of people. 

I don’t think I’ve had a meal that’s involved vegetables in over a month.

I use daily contacts and whenever I’m done with them I just leave them places. My bedside desk is covered. I get enough crap about it from my mom YOU CAN HOLD THE COMMENTS.

I’m probably the most passive aggressive communicator in the world. 

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and realize there’s crumbs in my bed from the grilled cheese sandwich I ate at 2am.

I demand music to be played everywhere I go, even when it’s uncomfortable and I’m in public. 

I’m probably too open to the internet. 
Accept your “faults.”
Recognize them. 
Know that everyone has them. 
Also know that one day someone will come around and they’ll happily not eat vegetables with you. They’ll look forward to drunk messages and be concerned when they don’t get them. They’ll give you shit about being passive aggressive but they’ll still let you play Kanye out loud at the bus stop. They’ll tell you to stop posting about your sex life on the internet but when you run away they’ll join you. 
The contact thing is just bad. I don’t expect that to be accepted by anyone HAH, I’ll work on that. 
And who wouldn’t want to eat grilled cheese in bed at 2am come on people. 
Get it? 
There’s still a lot of genuinely good people out there in the world. 
Keep your heart on your sleeve. 
(Just don’t let people screw you over)
Also, thank you for all the love on the last couple posts, knowing that people are reading and responding to what I’m writing makes my heart very happy. 

Here’s a playlist to fall in love to.

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