What Went Down in DC

I’m just going to start this off by saying never eat buffalo chicken pizza at 3 am to try and prevent a hangover. It’ll make things worse. WELCOME BACK TO WHAT WENT DOWN!  The series where I write vague, step-by-step timelines of what I did in different countries/cities/let’s be real, bars. I mainly write theseContinue reading “What Went Down in DC”

What Went Down In Germany

To the week of runny noses and running to pubs . . . HOW DID I NOT POST ABOUT MUNICH?!?! I’m actually not surprised at all. I was dead for half of this trip and frostbitten for the other half, but for memories sake, LET’S BEGIN.  I started off being sick from Budapest the last weekendContinue reading “What Went Down In Germany”

What Went Down In Budapest

New York is no longer the city that doesn’t sleep . . . It’s 3am and I’m in bed writing a blogpost. Mainly because I don’t want to forget a single thing about Budapest but also because my sleep schedule is the most messed up thing you’ll ever come across.  WHAT. WENT. DOWN. IN. BUDAPEST. Continue reading “What Went Down In Budapest”

What Went Down In Paris

How many crepes were actually eaten? One will never know.  Welcome back to the What Went Down series, where I specifically lay out what happened to me in a foreign country and people who don’t really care still read about it for some reason.  PARIS.  A childhood dream since I was able to conceptualize whatContinue reading “What Went Down In Paris”